How To Get More Targetted Traffic To Your Blog: XavierMedia Exchange

XavierMedia Exchange is an innovative and a new blog exchange network which can actually deliver a stream of targeted traffic for you.The way it works is similar to some other banner exchange networks which work on reciprocal basis.But here are some details as to why XavierMedia Exchange might actually be worth trying.
  • You will get 3000 banner impressions just for joining.
  • Their standard ratio is 3:2 which means that for every three visitors clicking ads on your blog, you get two visitors to your blog. They use a sliding ratio, which means the higher click rate you have on your blog, they will give you better exchange rate next month.
  • For each new user you refer to them, you get 10% of all the credit they get.
  • You can get another free 5000 impressions, just for writing a review about them.
  • The exchange code is not bulky and it does not interfere with the normal load of your blog

In the end, you are actually promoting someone else's blog on your website.Now,since the script is automated you dont even have to change the code manually to display other blogs.

I found the reasons good enough to give it a shot.I feel that you should give XavierMedia Exchange a try.

Please share your experiences with it!!

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