The 'Kata (Sliced) Paav' Business Model

Been 2+ months in Mumbai (second innings) and the 'When in rome, be a roman' foodie that i am, i end up sampling 'Paav' in one form or the other (for those who don't know there are LOT of variants). Everytime i am there at a roadside stall watching a vada, samosa,bhajjia paav being made i cant help but think the time and effort it take to cut the paav in half and add whatever it is that needs to be added.

Enter the 'Sliced Paav' Business Model,

The bakery making the paav runs through a kinfe when the bread (paav) is still hot. An even slice across the entire batch of paav's being baked. The <insert vada, bhajjia etc.> makers wont have to waste time cutting the paav into half. 

Why? Time is money, isn't it!! Add up the 3-4 odd seconds it takes to cut each paav and it might add up to more than an hour or two. Use that time for serving more customers, making more vaadas or spend that time thinking up more paav related savouries :-)

* There was this initial thought that sliced paav's could be priced at a marginal premium but then wonder who will pay extra. But then, cutting the paav's while making them should not be that big a monetary burden, is it?

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