Easiest Way To Open Your TaskManager:One Step Method

For all The Windows users out there,task manager is something we all open frequently.Now,for the lazy bums like me pressing CLRL+ALT+DELETE simultaneously is too much to ask.You feel the same too!!!
Here's the answer to the trouble.The easiest way to achieve the same functionality at once.

Interesting Ain't it.The Dude Should get hired by microsoft:D

FYI: This is my post for the awesome contest at onlygizmos .Wish me luck !!!


The Real SlumDog Millionare

SlumDog Millionare,The movie that rocked at oscars is about a guy from a slum who makes it big in the show 'Who Wants to Be a Millionare' by winning one million dollars.How about a literally real Slumdog Millionare.
Wishing You Were The Dog:-)
Please dont take it otherwise.Shared for some humour,no vulgarity included!!!
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Image Credit: Unkown via Email Forward
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