Turn the Mobile into a Cash Generator!!

This is one of the sites I stumbled upon when googling to kill time. The site itself doesn’t look too appealing though they seem to have some salient features:
1. They give out Rs.5 each for registering a user under you.Voila!Sounds Amazing
2. For every registration you also get some points credit to your account, which can be redeemed for mobile content as in for getting stock messages, jokes and stuff. So, it makes it a good enough reason to join them.
3. The minimum payout is rs.250.50 ppl under you does it! Simple
The not so good part is that they don’t have a good network of advertisers so they hardly send any ads, but then where’s the harm when you get enough jus to get users under you.
They have all the usual address book imports to send invite messages to your contacts, but then it is always better to take the invite link generated for you, and paste in you social networking sites.

I joined this site on the insistence of my friend sometime back, so I cant really comment on what they have to offer but the site looks pretty decent with lot of content rich sections. They also seem to payout an extra bonus amount for every 10 users under your network.So,go wild and get people under you network.


This is probably the most appealing and genuine mobile advertising partner. They have a huge user base and lot of advertisers. The advertisements are very genuine and pretty useful at times. The payings are slow since they only pay you for the ads they send. But, as is common with all these sites, they pay you for the first level and second level user’s too. i.e. even when the people under you and the people under them receive ads, you also get paid. The recent addition of games section is pretty good too.
Best Part of the Deal::A messenger to send SMS to your friend for free.

Get Paid To Recieve Sms!!

The title itself may be elating and heart warming and sure it is.Though the paid part refers to getting paid in "paises" rather in rupees or better,dollars:-)
The funda behind receiving money in lieu of receiving ads via Sms is simple.The mobile advertising sites take money from the advertisers and then based on the target customers,they send out ads and share the revenue they receive from the advertisers.Simple and Genuine enough:-)
The various mob ad mediums(sites) i have come across off late vaguely work in more or less the same way.
They need you to register with some specific details and of course,your mobile number.
You need to verify your mobile which they tell you how.
You get benefits of registering people under you network,which the sites explain efficiently
The "Blog" and "Proof" sections vie hard to prove their honesty in payouts
All in all,all it takes is 5 minutes of registration and an occasional 5 minutes sending out invites to your contacts so that you network grows rich.
The best part being that you don't have to spend a penny to be a part of them.So,even if the payouts aren substantital,these are worth joining purely to get some worthy ads and to access the rich contents they have on their portals.
Confession::being a part of a few sites for around 2 odd months i can say is that i have around 100 RS for the taking though for it to materialise ,there s still time left.
So,for those who don't mind an occasional sms from any unknown sender,it is worth a try.For that matter,it is at least better than the spammers who keep bombarding us with ads that we don't require.
My next post brings out the few mediums available and the links to join them and be a part of the ever growing mobile advertising.


Mobile Advertising Moolah!!!

Mobile advertising is a form of advertising via mobile (wireless) phones or other mobile devices. It is a subset of mobile marketing.
Mobile advertising is closely related to online or Internet advertising, though its reach is far greater - currently, most mobile advertising is targeted at mobile phones estimated to reach 4 billion in 2008.
It is probable that advertisers and media industry have started increasingly taking account of a bigger and fast-growing mobile market, though it remains at around 1% of global advertising spend. Mobile Advertising is less than 0.5% of the approximately 450 billion dollar global advertising industry.
India Inc. has to joined the bandwagon to woo the advertisers and consumers in a big way.
Why am I hankering about Mobile Advertising?????

Cos it bears the honour of being a “CASH GENERATOR”.How???Read on to identify the stakeholders and what they have in store in the mad rush for mobile advertising.
1.Merchants(Products and Services):
For Merchants and Business Houses looking for promoting their products and services ,Mobile Advertising is the sure shot way to reach the masses as is clear from the stats above.For a very competitive and flexible fee structure ,the advertising can be aimed at a very specific target audience eg. Based on location,age group etc.
With Mobile Advertising mediators throbbing in the cyber space,it helps to tap the ever increasing user base of these websites without running around to create the user base for marketing.This helps in saving some useful money and effectively results in a higher ROI(Return On Investment).Spare me for the jargon:-)
2.Users or the Consumers(People like Me:-))
How can it be fruitful to us where all the advertiser is doing is to fill his pocket with the advertising fees and luring us into advertisements??
The answer is two fold:
a) By bringing to us some very useful ads for our specific interests including various discounts on products and likes effective saving us some hard earned money by availing the discounts.
b) “Get Paid to Receive Ads” is the mantra that these Mob Ad websites are following to create that indispensable user base.This is something that I will be talking about in detail along with the various existing cash generating mediums that I am a part of:-).

Till then happy reading!!

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