Make Money Online to start the New year!YouMint offers 500 rs cash voucher

If you have been here, you would probably know that this blog discusses the legit get rich slowly methods to make money online.

YouMint is one of the first one to harvest the Mobile & Email advertising in India.They have a clean website and the way to make is multi-fold.
  • Get paid for every e-mail or mobile ad that you recieve
  • Get paid everytime your network recieves any ad
  • Get paid everytime your network's network receives an ad.
Whoa!!Thats a lot of money.Ahem..Ahem.I agree that the payouts are not huge but then, it is free and they are completely legit.If you have the ability to influence people to sign up under you, it is a matter of time to start churning money from YouMint.

Need any more reasons!!Here's the best one
Get a 500 rupees Cash Voucher on signing up now.Join youmint now
Moreover, if you get 5 people to join under you, you have a chance to win 50,000 rupees

So,what are you waiting for.Go sign up now here

Drop me a comment when you join.Share this article as much as you can.The more you make it visible,more are the chances of making people under your network.

Happy Minting

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