Online Shopping Goes Social With ShopCorn.in

If you have remotely been in company of the fairer sex, i bet you know what shopping means to them.Off late, the males have caught up with the fad too.Shopping to me is not the usual I want this,I pay for this and I come back home algorithm.Shopping has to be an experience, an outing with friends complete with lots of friendly banter and obviously countless rejections before we finally select the one thing which we came for.
With online shopping catching up, the fun part of the whole shopping exercise has been reduced to a few clicks.Why you say?? Because it is convinient and happens within click of buttons.
The Cyber World is cluttered with uncountable shopping portals which provide with seemingly amazing deals.But, where do i get the shopping experience from.Is there a way, i can actually ask a friend if the product i am looking at is really worth its money.In Short, Online Shopping is missing the Social part of it which has come to be synonymous with todays internet world.
Twitter introduced me to the Shopping portal with a difference.It actually has the ever missing Social angle to it.Voila!!! Is that a problem solved.Yes, atleast looks like it

Online Shopping+Social Experience= http://www.shopcorn.in/

It might be too early to say that they can be the next Amazon or Ebay killer, but the idea looks good.It is the execution that is gonna sepearte wheat from chaff.

One interesting thing about ShopCorn.in is their brand presence in the form of @PeppySophia .She is the face of ShopCorn.in and has been pretty active online.It is always good for brands to have a public face from the onset.

Enough about the site and lets get to the things that matter


1.As already mentioned, it brings the offline experience online.It allows the shoppers across the country to interact in real time environment with the revolutionary Voice-Video-Text chat feature enabled.This sure is a value add when i want a second opinion from a friend while buying the prodcut.

2.Deals Box : How about an aggregator where i am able to select deals from other shopping portals in one place.Yes, Deals Box does exactly that.It allows the users to pick up deals from other shopping cites and upload it to ShopCorn.The others users can then discuss it in the community and based on their opinions kick a bad deal and select the good ones.What you have is a clean shopping portal where the cleaning(kicking the bad deals) is done by the user itself.

There are many sections in the blog that deserve a praise but i dont want to make the post go on.

However, there are a few things that i would like for the site to work on


1. The Site could do a lot more with the design.The site design does not look too WEB 2.0 ish to me.

2.As far as social is considered, there is still a lot to be achieved. Something on the lines of A twitter/facebook app is something that will make it more social.

3. At the end of the day, online shopping boils down to only one thing "Value For Money". If http://www.shopcorn.in/ can deliver it time and again, i would love to shop with them.

I generally do not do site reviews but then @PeppySophia is running a blogger's contest where we need to write about the Online Social Shopping Experience. Moreover, it is always good to explore and discover a product that alteast tries to shy away from the Me-Too category.


Anonymous said...

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fareeha said...

Online shoping is the most easy and beautiful way to send gifts to Pakistan from anywhere in the Globe

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