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I have been quite busy lately with my other blog and haven had a chance to share various online money generation methods lately.Now,as before they are not 'become a millionare' kinds ,but then with time they sure can foot you mobile phone bills.All it needs is some patience and 5 minutes of filling out a form.
Here are the ones i have become a part of recently

1)YouMint -  A site with lots of useful content on it,its worth joining for its 'Free Sms' feature itself.They also have some useful content-rich applications like wallpapers,games and stuff for mobile.Frankly, the payouts from SMS aren huge since they dont send many but they send you a lot of ad email which fetch you 25 paise each.I know it sounds very cheap but then what's the harm.
Feel Free to Join it here.
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Watch out for the next post where i discover some more 'get rich slowly' links;-)

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Anonymous said...

Visit s www.mcanny.com .It offers the following services:
1.Free Cricket/Movie/Astrology SMS alerts.
2.Free Reminder SMS alerts, you can set your own reminder alerts(schedule the alerts also).
3.Downloading of Mobile Cricket Games and also Wallpaper downloads(various greetings)
4.Each referral they will pay you Rs.1. you can add your referral link directly to your website ( eg : http://www.mcanny.com?inviteid=sharma )

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