Earn While You Learn!!!

Is it really possible??If you ask me, yes it is now.Thanks to an Indian Iniative we have a education portal, ,completely dedicated to providing a platform for students to excel in their academic careers by providing evrything from

1.Extensive List of Colleges and Schools in India .

2.A huge database of previous year question papers for various courses and various colleges to help students prepare better.

3.A discussion forum to discuss and seek any help from the experts listed in various domains.

4.Stress busters in the form of funny pictures and useful links.

One site doing so many things deserves a look-in.Ain't it

But,wait up.This is just the start.

Come the monetary part and you will jumping with joy to join the website.How?

You get points for just about anything and everything you contribute to the site.Then there are cash awards for many sections like question papers,link submissons and stuff.

And those who are aware of GOOGLE ADSENSE,this is the site you want to be to multiply your earnings through adsense.ISC is google adsense approved website,so you get your ads displayed in the ISC in sections where you contribute.

For any information on Google Adsense,please contact me at hatsoffforu@gmail.com.

Don't wait, Join the best educational portal of India




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Anonymous said...

Hmm well dont you think usually students might not necessarily be 18, old enough to have Adsense accounts? Adsense might not even approve their accounts but that wouldnt stop me from registering on that site though cause primarily that site is pretty cool but I would like more extensive material though. Apart from that, there are a gazillion opportunities for students to earn their pocket money, you know what I mean, well PTC sites,Blogs etc(not for everyone), every one knows about PTC and blogs but who knows about www.okpay.com? Well its a e-wallet that pays some of the commissions of transactions of the people you have invited to join ;P and you could also opt for selling your old goodies on eBay.com too :P

Anil Sharma said...

lol the previous comment was mine :P wrong button :P

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