Blog Traffic Series:Stumble and You Shall be Stumbled

Stumble Upon, for those who are not familiar is a toolbar enhanced website and says
'StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites with the community.It is totally community driven social networking where people can discover and share interesting websites along with rating them and sharing it with their friends'

Stumble Upon is a proven social networking tool that can bring loads of traffic to your blog/site given the content is valuable and is found interesting by others.However, for a beginner getting to build a good Stumble reputation may not be easy.
That's where, StumbleUpon Exchange kicks in.It is a relatively new and not so popular website but a very decent and interesting idea.
It helps you exchange stumbles with fellow members.you stumble their pages and in return they stumble yours.The system works on a point based system and therefore you cannot game the system by spamming.
Here are some tips on how the site works.

1.You create an account and provide relevant details.
2.You are given 25 points to begin with.If you want to register your website to be stumbled, 3 points will be deducted.
3.For every stumble that you make,you get 1 point.However,you have to drop a message to the owner to credit you the point.
4.For every stumble that you receive 1 point is taken from your account making it a fair deal.
5.Also,any refferals that join through your link gets you an additional 10 points.
Additional points mean more stumbles to your site
The process might not seem too lucrative to begin with but it is yet another way for new blogs to get noticed.If the blog/site has valuable content it will catapult the traffic since the visitors will stay and may be subscribe to your blog too.
I found it worth giving it a shot.infact,it might help you find some good sites which otherwise take a lot of googling to dig out.
Do give it a shot and let me know your comments.
You can join here

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