Blogger Appreciation Award:The First Blogospehere Recognition For This Blog

A Blogger Appreciation Award For a rather new and nascent blog.Sounds unreal.But when I received the confirmation from Cellphones.org on my Blog Online Treasure being short-listed as the semi-finalist amongst hundreds of other blogs,I couldn't hold back doing a post about it.
free cell phone contestCellphones.org is a one stop shop for all your mobile needs.They have the almost all the handsets under the hood with even competitive prices.This is not all,they have a range of carriers listed where you can choose your preffered cell phone carrier along with the phone itself.

Coming back to the award and why i made it to the semi-final list is primarily due to some Mobile Advertising posts i did sometime back around here.The posts even though small apparently got good response since they had a money making mechanism associated with them.Be sure to give them a look if you could get a chance.

Thanks to Cellphones.org for appreciating my blog and giving it its first appreciation award.
Did your blog receive an award recently.I will be happy to be a part of the celebration.


Anonymous said...

That's great....congrats and good luck for the final stage....

I am Sai from BloggerStop, can you plz resend the template to me, to check it for the related posts widget problem....


abra-ka-dabra said...

Thanks for dropping by Sai.

I will send the template right away.

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