Get Rid Of Your Uploading troubles and Get Paid Too

In this age of internet, we all download tons of stuff be it pictures,movies,softwares etc.It is only obvious that someone uploads the same on the web for others to download.
Specially in the case of Webmasters,desginers and bloggers the need to upload content is multi fold.However, finding a good site for uploading content is still a mystery.The existing players serve a niche where you have to upload photos to a photo site and documents to another site.How about a one stop shop for all your uploading requirements.What about getting paid for File Upload too.Interesting ain't it.
The answer to all your upload/download worries is answered by MissUpload , a  nifty upload/download site which is in tune with the latest value additions.How you ask?
Lets take a scenario where i need to upload a picture on the web for using on my blog/website.Blogging sites will generally provide the option of saving the pictures on their hosting accounts.However, when some searches for that image and downloads it for their use, do i get anything in return? The answer is no, i leave money on the table everytime someone downloads my uploaded file.

Not any more, with the payment system of missupload you get paid  $10 for every 1000 downloads from ALL COUNTRY .

How does that sound.The site also has an affiliate network where you get paid to get others to register on the site and upload content.
All in all, the UI is very neat and the site has presence on Facebook and Twitter too.So, you know you can get in touch whenever you have any queries.

The site even provides a short link for your uploaded links and the download time for registered members is also less when compared to other uploading sites.The premium registration is also priced very modestly and allows you to download files without any delay.
All in all, a very useful and a rewarding sharing platform for uploading your content on the Interenet.
I just uploaded a beautiful in-flight picture taken by a friend, download it and let me know how it is here


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