Get Access To Blocked Sites Like Facebook, MySpace Using ProxySites

Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. have become a necessity for every individual using the internet.Be it school going kids or the office going youth, they just can't do without accessing these sites.
But, only if it was this easy to get access to these in colleges and workplaces? A majority of these social networking are blocked by the internet administrators in schools and colleges, isn't it.
So, eventually people struggle to find a way to get around browsing important sites from their workplace.

Is There No Way I Can These Sites, u ask?
Yes, there is. Heard about proxy sites, which bypass the firewalls and let you access those restricted sites.But then again, the proxy sites available on the internet are seldom in plenty and the admins end up blacklisting those proxy sites.

Presenting, a proxy which provides a one stop solution to access blocked sites in a way no other so called proxy site provider does.
How does ProxySites achieve this goal? They are quick on the toes and have various features to offer which makes them a unique problem solver for accessing blocked sites

  • They maintain a quality list of proxy sites
  • The maintain the list on a regular basis
  • They go the extra length and scan their database multiple times to weed out the dead inactive proxy sites so that you only get the working proxies
So , next time you want to unblock facebook , you know you can search for a proxy available on the site and that's it. proxy sites also maintains a list of new proxy sites to provide you with a lot more proxy sites if the internet firewall at your workplace does not allow a particular proxy
Proxysites.net also categorizes the proxies by type which can help you select the ones you need.

Well, give them a try and access sites like Facebook in office and let you colleagues envy you

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Anil Sharma said...

Well dude, you can rely on www.Hidemyass.com, yes a funny name but it has got a comprehensive in-browser proxy abilities and proxy port and IPs arent the trend now, VPN all the way baby!

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