India Broadband Forum Celebrates Two Years With A Gift For Readers

I am personally a fan of Community Forums.More so, if the forum has anything to do with technology or related topics.

If i need help with any reviews of a particular technology product or a service, i hop on to some of the best tech forums and get my answers clarified.


One such forum which i absolutely follow is the India Broadband Forum.The forum is one stop place for any queries one might have on the Internet Broadband connections available in India.

The registered user base is phenomenal and the activity on the forum is justified from the fact that the forum has had close to 2 lakh posts already.It is the de-facto place to talk and discuss about the ISP’s in India, be it Airtel, BSNL etc.

The Indian Broadband Forum has completed 2 years recently and has come with new and better offerings for users.A separate forum on Reliance Wimax is also being launched for discussing Wimax.

A separate blog is also launched alongside the forum and the team has bought new and bigger servers too for its readers.

Here’s congratulating India Broadband Forum for successfully completing 2 years.

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