Turn the Mobile into a Cash Generator!!

This is one of the sites I stumbled upon when googling to kill time. The site itself doesn’t look too appealing though they seem to have some salient features:
1. They give out Rs.5 each for registering a user under you.Voila!Sounds Amazing
2. For every registration you also get some points credit to your account, which can be redeemed for mobile content as in for getting stock messages, jokes and stuff. So, it makes it a good enough reason to join them.
3. The minimum payout is rs.250.50 ppl under you does it! Simple
The not so good part is that they don’t have a good network of advertisers so they hardly send any ads, but then where’s the harm when you get enough jus to get users under you.
They have all the usual address book imports to send invite messages to your contacts, but then it is always better to take the invite link generated for you, and paste in you social networking sites.

I joined this site on the insistence of my friend sometime back, so I cant really comment on what they have to offer but the site looks pretty decent with lot of content rich sections. They also seem to payout an extra bonus amount for every 10 users under your network.So,go wild and get people under you network.


This is probably the most appealing and genuine mobile advertising partner. They have a huge user base and lot of advertisers. The advertisements are very genuine and pretty useful at times. The payings are slow since they only pay you for the ads they send. But, as is common with all these sites, they pay you for the first level and second level user’s too. i.e. even when the people under you and the people under them receive ads, you also get paid. The recent addition of games section is pretty good too.
Best Part of the Deal::A messenger to send SMS to your friend for free.


Mberenis said...

Great blog! The information and pictures you provided were OUTSTANDING!!!!

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Very good......

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