Get Paid To Recieve Sms!!

The title itself may be elating and heart warming and sure it is.Though the paid part refers to getting paid in "paises" rather in rupees or better,dollars:-)
The funda behind receiving money in lieu of receiving ads via Sms is simple.The mobile advertising sites take money from the advertisers and then based on the target customers,they send out ads and share the revenue they receive from the advertisers.Simple and Genuine enough:-)
The various mob ad mediums(sites) i have come across off late vaguely work in more or less the same way.
They need you to register with some specific details and of course,your mobile number.
You need to verify your mobile which they tell you how.
You get benefits of registering people under you network,which the sites explain efficiently
The "Blog" and "Proof" sections vie hard to prove their honesty in payouts
All in all,all it takes is 5 minutes of registration and an occasional 5 minutes sending out invites to your contacts so that you network grows rich.
The best part being that you don't have to spend a penny to be a part of them.So,even if the payouts aren substantital,these are worth joining purely to get some worthy ads and to access the rich contents they have on their portals.
Confession::being a part of a few sites for around 2 odd months i can say is that i have around 100 RS for the taking though for it to materialise ,there s still time left.
So,for those who don't mind an occasional sms from any unknown sender,it is worth a try.For that matter,it is at least better than the spammers who keep bombarding us with ads that we don't require.
My next post brings out the few mediums available and the links to join them and be a part of the ever growing mobile advertising.

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