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Can Twitter users monetize their Twitter account?Sounds Strange since there is hardly any margin left when you only have 140 characters to deal with.Unlike Blogs where you can run contextual ads with services like Adsense,Bidvertiser or banner sales,Twitter monetization looks a distant dream.
The dream has been put into realization with Magpie-An European company with a business model similar to the Pay Per Post for Blogs. Magpie will pay you to send ad-tweets through your time line. They auto-select the ad-tweets based on the keyword selection and then post it with your twitter public timeline.Revenue Sharing happens like most of the other ad networks and the payouts are pretty decent.
Whats good about Magpie is, you get paid without doing anything.It also gives you almost complete control over the kind of ads that are served.This makes it more friendly since your friends/followers will not be bombarded with irrelevant information.

  • You can decide the frequency of the ad-tweets. It can be as frequent as every other tweet or one ad-tweet after 20 tweets.
  • You can choose to append a custom message to differentiate the magpie tweet if you wish.Generally,it is better to append the magpie tweets with hashtag #magpie in the beginning of the tweet.
  • With the revenue mechansim catching up and advertisers increasingly finding value in twitter based promotions,magpie has come up with lot of monetization models like per view,per sale,per click,per lead etc.Again, you have complete control of what you wanna see in your timelime
  • They also have an affiliate program with as much as 30% revenue share.If any advertisers signs up with your refferal link, you stand to get 30% of the transaction fees all year long.
All and all,it looks a pretty decent service to give a shot at.A small sample earnings page of my magpie account looks promising.

 Have you already signed up with magpie.If yes, what are your thoughts on the same

Do share your thoughts on Magpie.


Izzy Daniels said...

this is a pretty solid review. I have been using the service for a week or two and have yet to make any cash but I am pretty hopeful.

abra-ka-dabra said...

Thanks Izzy....Glad u liked the reviews.Frankly,it does take time to start earning but once it kicks in, it can make u good money.
Being popular on twitter really helps

BOGCESS said...

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