My Posterous Blog Has A New Address..yAy

Thanks to GoDaddy coupons shared by some awesome people on twitter, I managed to buy two domains.Never played around with Web as such, so DNS mapping and A-Name records seemed all greek to me.

Turned to people for help and I am making a little headway.

Moved by Finance Blogger Blog to www.gettingmoneywise.com !! I am still using the blogger free hosting, but plan to move it on self-hosting and switch to Wordpress soon.

It always feels good to have online real estate on one's own name.Always wanted to do it, but blame it on my rather common err. popular name finding a domain with my name has always been difficult.But, as luck would have it , I finally managed to find one!!

agarwalankit.com :-) I did not know what i am gonna do with the domain but i wanted it none the less.So, till i find a better use of it , i figured it might be worthwhile to map it to my posterous blog.

I am open to suggestions for making better use of the domain.I initially thought of using a free hosting service and putting one Online Visiting Card kinda thing on it.Card.ly looks good.But then, I am gonna hold it for sometime and probably look for better options to use the domain.

As of now, i am happy to have bought a domain with my name :-) Some ego-boost that is.lol 

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