The Follower Friendly Way To Make Money On Twitter

Twitter has been the toast of the town ever since it went mainstream.It has re-defined how we connect on the internet marketplace.More than anything, it has become the best hunting ground for online marketers to push their products to the masses.

However, Making Money On Twitter is something that has been fraught with skeptism.A lot of advertising networks have evolved on twitter.The most famous being Be-A-Magpie which helps you monetize your twitter profile.They select the advertisements based on the words you generally use in your tweet and then send ads via your twitter stream.

sponsored_tweets_make_money1 Based on the number of followers you have, the payout can be as big as $2-$3 for a single tweet.However, the biggest problem with Magpie is that the same ad tweets are sent numerous times.Hence, it become irritating for your followers.

However, a new network Sponsored Tweets solves this problem very nicely.It is highly customizable and you pretty much get all the options to configure the ads you want to let out through your twitter stream.Here are some of the key benefits

  • Suggestion For Charge Per Tweet. You can override this value if you want.
  • Category Selection – This is like Contextual Advertising.If you are in technology, then the ads relevant to technology might actually be helpful for your followers.
  • No automated Advertisements You are notified of the advertisements and you can choose to approve them before they are approved.
  • Configure the Tweet Content This is the biggest differentiator which separates them from other services.You can actually write the tweet yourself and make it sound unlike the usual clich├ęd advertisement.
  • Payment via Paypal The payment is also from Paypal.As soon you reach $50 in earnings, you can transfer the payment to your account.

I have recently joined it and though the advertisement frequency is not that high, the pay per tweet is decent.I have been playing with a rate of $1-$1.5 per tweet.


As i said, the ad frequency may not be as high as magpie but the ads are less instrusive to your followers and over time with an increasing following, you can make decent money through Sponsored Tweets.Infact, Power twitters are making anything between $200-$300 ‘s for a single tweets.

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Do let me know if you had success with any other twitter monetization techniques.Have you crossed your first payout from Sponsored Tweets.

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